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March 11, 2011 | Author: adminmf | Posted in Uncategorized

T(G)ay Zonday, (whose real name is Adam [1]), is a spastic nice guy and internet phenomenon. He rose to the attention of /b/ after singing Chocolate Rain, a song in which he sings about the social and psycholgical impact of Jenkem abuse in niggerdom. All of his songs feature the same goddamn piano hook for …

test post 1

February 27, 2011 | Author: adminmf | Posted in Uncategorized

However Bertram has other ideas; he cannot love nor marry the daughter of a physician nor will he try. The King says otherwise and so they are married but Bertram hasn’t accepted marriage lying down, escaping after the wedding for a miltary campagn in Italy. Before leaving, he sends his new wife home to Rousillon …